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Yorktown Countdown vs Snyder Grand Ball

Yorktown Countdown vs Snyder Grand Ball

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It’s that time of the year to start getting your New Year’s Eve plans together. What better city to ring in the new year than Charleston, SC. While there is no shortage of events and parties on December 31, two events stand out from the rest – Yorktown Countdown and Snyder Grand Ball.

The New Year’s Eve Venues

Fitting as it may be, the two most unique venues in Charleston will host the two best New Years events. The Charleston Aquarium will once again host nearly 1200 guests for the Grand Ball. Patrons will have all-access to the majority of the aquarium and its exhibits, so you can dance by the shark tank and drink with the fishes… swim at your own risk. The main stage is positioned in the Great Hall toward the front entrance which boasts high ceilings and a grandiose ambiance.  

The Yorktown Countdown welcomes 1500 guests aboard one of Charleston’s most popular historic monuments, the USS Yorktown. Inside the ship it is separated by 3 different airplane hangars, each having its own theme. Guest can navigate their way throughout this monster aircraft turned party venue while passing by old fighter jets and war memorabilia. VIP patrons will have access to the entire ship including their own private party on the Flight Deck surrounded by the beautiful Charleston starlit sky with great views of the city and Ravenel Bridge. The flight deck is heated with several bars, big stage, and covered with 10,000 sqft of tent.

Snyder Grand Ball, Yorktown Countdown vs Snyder Grand Ball, Yorktown Countdown

The NYE Entertainment

The Yorktown Countdown provides a great selection of performing artists that fit just about anyone’s taste from Funk and Soul to Rock and Roll. They have 3 different stage areas with 7 total performances. One of Charleston’s favorite bands, Stoplight Observations, will perform along with the famous party band Sleeping Booty, Hip Hop covers by High Society, and 4 of South Carolinas finest DJ’s. For as long as I can remember, Quiana Parler and Friends have been the staple performing group for the Grand Ball. It looks like they will switch it up this year with Elise Testone as the headliner with support from DJ NattyHeavy and DJ R Dot.

Snyder Grand Ball, Yorktown Countdown vs Snyder Grand Ball, Yorktown Countdown

The Bar

Yorktown Countdown provides premium spirits for its “First Aboard Tickets (Ciroc Vodka, Crown Royal, Jim Beam, Dewars, Naked Turtle Rum and more) along with beer, wine, champagne and  light Hors d’oeuvres… a great deal for the $99 ticket price. For VIP they step it up a notch with topshelf spirits and more beer and wine selections. Snyder grand ball doesn’t differentiate its tickets, so every patron will receive the same level of access to their premium bars on both levels.

The Scene

At the Yorktown Countdown you will find a very eclectic demographic from college seniors to state senators. The Grand Ball has a lot of youth as well, but its tradition and dress code normally draws more of a middle age crowd.  

The NYE Attire

The Snyder Grand Ball is a black tie event, If you are not wearing a tuxedo you will stand out from the crowd. Every guy likes to get there tux on every once in a while, but if you don’t own one you may need to take a walk down to Berlins to get fitted. Yorktown Countdown is “dress to impress,”  a handful of gents will be in tuxes, mostly suits though. And for the ladies, you will have to check out our next article on NYE Fashion with interviews from the owners of Charleston’s most popular boutiques.

The Consensus

Both Charleston NYE parties are set in unique venues and are run exceptionally well. If you have been to one and not the other I strongly suggest you experience something new. Both parties seem to have many different elements than they did last year (New layout and new artists) If you haven’t been to either, you have a very difficult decision to make as both of these parties have set a precedent of going above and beyond. If history remains true, these events will sell out well before Christmas, so make sure you get your tickets for Charleston NYE 2014 soon!

Snyder Grand Ball, Yorktown Countdown vs Snyder Grand Ball, Yorktown Countdown
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Every year the USS Yorktown transforms into one of the most unique New Year's Eve party venues in the country here in Charleston, SC.

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