Expert Fashion Tips
Expert Fashion Tips
Expert Fashion Tips for a New Year’s Outfit in Charleston

Expert Fashion Tips for a New Year’s Outfit in Charleston

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Posted by Halina Wilusz | Dec 16, 2013 9:13:00 PM

New Year’s Eve – One of the most high-pressure nights of the year to go out and look your darnedest, but luckily you don’t have to put together New Year’s outfit alone this year! Expert fashion tips straight from the Charleston King Street shopping district is right at your fingertips. We got a chance to sit down with owners from local boutiques, Sassy ShortcakeHouse of SageHaute HangerWilly Jay’s, and Scout and Molly’s, to get the inside scoop on how to turn heads at your big New Year’s Eve parties in Charleston this year.


So it’s obvious sequins, sequins, sequins are definitely a must have for an NYE outfit, but the trick is not to overdo it to the point that your fellow partiers confuse you for the disco ball.  Amanda, the sales associate from Sassy Shortcake, suggests, “Stick with a darker sequin.”  Over at House of Sage, one of the owners, Chris, had some sound recommendations as well.  “Steer clear of rhinestones.  Studs, gold foils, and polyester blends are a much more tasteful way to look festive this NYE.”  A lot of time-honored advice comes into play when factoring sequins into your NYE outfit.  Sarah, the owner of Scout and Molly’s, brought up the classic fashionista rule, “Look in the mirror before you leave the house and remove one thing.”  Keep these tips in mind when putting your outfit together this year and you’ll be sure to catch people’s eyes at your NYE party not blind them.

Expert Fashion Tips

Available @ Haute Hangar    Available @ House of Sage       Available @ Sout & Molly’s


The experts are raving about metallic colors for a great NYE outfit this winter.  “Anything that sparkles or shimmers, gold, champagnes, silvers, or any metallic are great to incorporate into your holiday outfit,” Chris, an owner of House of Sage, recommends for your New Year’s Eve color palate.  Everyone wants to sparkle and stand out on New Year’s Eve, but not everyone wants the pressure of pulling off a sequin outfit.  That’s where metallics step up, providing just the right amount of flash to create a fun and memorable holiday outfit. 

Expert Fashion Tips

Available @ Sassy Shortcake    Available @ House of Sage      Available @ House of Sage

Little Black Dress

After speaking with the most stylish of Charleston, it just goes to show that the LBD is here to stay.  It’s an outfit that is simple, yet timeless.  Pat, owner of Willy Jay’s assured us, “You can never go wrong with black.”  Sarah, owner of Scout and Molly’s is often frequented by the shopper searching for the perfect black dress. “It is just an easy go-to dress!” Sarah exclaimed as she gave her seal of approval for the LBD as a great NYE dress option.  A bejeweled oversized necklace pairs well with your little black dress for a little extra sparkle.  If you are wanting a more classic look that will never go out of style, stay simple and wear your favorite LBD.  There are several great LBD options at Scout and Molly’s, Haute Hanger, and Willy Jay’s I just love!  

Expert Fashion Tips

Available @ Scout & Molly’s       Available @ Haute Hangar       Available @ Willy Jay’s 

The Skinny Jean

Sarah, the owner of Scout and Molly’s, loves a classic skinny jean for a New Year’s Eve outfit in Charleston. “My favorite pairing would be a fun and crazy sequin top paired with skinny jeans and an ankle boot,” as Adina, owner of Haute Hanger, discussed her ideal NYE outfit.  In a sea of party dresses the skinny jean is a great pick if you want to stand out, but stay comfortable. We may be in Charleston, but it doesn’t hurt that your legs will be kept warm on a chilly evening! Personally, I love the leather jean legging!  

Expert Fashion Tips

Available @ Scout & Mollys               Available @ Haute Hangar

Bejeweled Oversized Necklaces

Amanda from Sassy Shortcake loves statement necklaces for your NYE accessorizing.  A bejeweled oversized necklace allows you to still stand out with some sparkle without blinding everyone in the room.  “The statement necklace can dress up a very simple dress or take a dressy dress and make it even dressier,” Pat, owner of Willy Jay’s, raved about the different colors and styles of oversized necklaces in the store this season. Sassy Shortcake and Willy Jays both have great collections of unique statement necklaces.  You can pick up a few at Sassy’s for under $20 a piece!  

Expert Fashion Tips

Available @ Sassy Shortcake        Available @ Willy Jays         Available @ Sassy Shortcake


A blazer is probably the last item you are looking to add to your NYE outfit, but that’s only because you haven’t seen the blazers these hot King Street boutiques have to offer.  An embellished blazer might be just the hint of sparkle you were looking for to perfect a simple dress.  Amanda from Sassy Shortcake suggests a little black dress, a blazer jacket, and sparkle accessory as a great NYE outfit.  A simple patterned blazer can also pair well with shorter skirt or dress, balancing out every mother’s greatest fear-showing too much skin.

Expert Fashion Tips

Interviews & Photography provided by Phoebe Wheeler

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Every year the USS Yorktown transforms into one of the most unique New Year's Eve party venues in the country here in Charleston, SC.

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