Artist Lineup

Charleston SC New Years Eve Countdown

Motown Throwdown

Motown Throwdown is a powerhouse soul band led by sax man Mike Quinn. Steeped in funk, soul, pop, rock, R&B, and jazz, this outfit of local heavyweights has established itself as a leader in the Charleston music scene, playing regularly at notable venues such as the Pour House and The Commodore. The 5-piece powerhouse consists of Mike Quinn sax and vocals, Kanika Moore on lead vocals, Dave Grimm on Guitar, Stuart White on drums and the inimitable Corey Stephens on bass. As the name implies, the music starts within the Motown soul tradition but manifests itself in a plethora of unique styles and arrangements from across the musical spectrum. Expect an enormously energetic performance with ripping solos, soulful vocals, and catchy, synchronized melodies on top of a thick, relentless funk driven core. Also, expect to dance and be wildly entertained.

Charleston SC New Years Eve Countdown


Terraphonics is the production of songwriter/guitarist Thomas Kenney, and features Alex Kellner on Bass, Brandon Brooks on Drums, and Jonathan Lovett on Keys- as well of a rotating cast of soulful vocalists and M.C.’s – The band’s blend of RnB harmony, dance rhythms, and psychedelic orchestral elements will keep you moving to a higher place. Their special Yorktown performance this New Year’s Eve will feature the soaring vocals of Aisha Kenyetta and lyrical stylings of MC Damn Skippy, making for an unbeatable recipe of hip-hop and soul for you to get down on.

The Quentin Ravenel Experience

FAR HANGAR STAGE | 11:30 – 1:00AM
Quentin is an award-winning drummer and singer that showcases a rare ability to keep the rhythm and beat of the drums while delivering lead vocals. As a Los Cabos sponsored artist he has performed in over 3,000 shows across the world including recent performances at EDC festival in Las Vegas, The Billboard Music Awards and NBA All Star Weekend. He is a hometown favorite, born and raised in the Lowcountry. The community has voted him Charleston City Paper’s Best Drummer honor in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Quentin is currently working on a new project called ‘ The Quentin Ravenel Experience’, which combines his melodies and drums with the power of a horn section that keeps the crowd dancing though out the night.

Charleston SC New Years Eve Countdown


DJB is a top-notch female solo artist who recently emerged on the scene. This purveyor performs infectious good vibes that makes dancing irresistible. With varieties of electronic dance grooves and funky beats, Brandie Cannady’s music is NOT ordinary DJ’ing. Guests can’t help moving as a result of the rhythmic beats in the air. It’s irresistible, startling and almost addictive in the way she continuously pushes the limits of her truly unique sound.

Best Charleston New Years Party

Seth G

FAR HANGAR STAGE | 10:30-11:30PM
Charleston’s very own master violinist, Seth G, serves as the high-energy live NYE music entertainment icing on the cake. Guests get to enjoy every remaining style of music from the past 5 decades. Through a variety of dance, hip-hop and remixes of all-time classics, Seth’s music is visceral and ear gripping. while others simply call it electronic wonder, littered with multi-layered melodies and mood-altering charm. Click here to for more information.

Charleston SC New Years Eve Countdown


SparkBox is one Charlestons most sought after DJs with exclusive deals with several of the most popular bars on the main strip of Charleston’s famous King Street. He uses Technic turntables as well as a Roland SPD/SX for live drumming. Sparkbox will team up with Clark for a special Yorktown Countdown performance. This popular duo has been at the nexus of entertainment and nightlife for nearly a decade as one of the go-to live performances for your favorite music impresario in Charleston. Spark & Clark offer their audiences a taste of dance, funk, alternative hip-hop and classic throwback vibes.

Best Charleston New Years Party


Clarks ability to the register the song playing and pickup on a melody is unmatched. From sexy deep grooves, to the dirtiest drops, Clark knows exactly where the sax should fit in. His momentum is off the charts, as people keep asking at the end of the sets, who was that destroying the saxpahone. Clark has shared the stage so far with Wick-It-The-Instigator, Styles and Complete, Archenemesis, and Grizz to name a few.